Health Sync Service Status

Update: February 24, 2024: fix started rolling out for the Suunto issue with steps and heart rate data

Suunto made alterations to the data transmitted to Health Sync, resulting in a syncing issue with step count and heart rate data.

The update addressing the Suunto issue has been released on the Play Store. It will begin rolling out and will reach all users by February 25 (Western European timezone). You can expect to see the update notification in the Play Store app on your phone either on February 24 or February 25.


All other services are running normally.

December 20, 2023: Syncing Strava activity data with other apps

We’re changing the way Health Sync receives and processes activity data from Strava. When syncing activity data from Strava with other apps, make sure you have the latest Health Sync update installed on your phone. Then everything continues to work properly.

With this change we improve the stable synchronization of Strava activity data.

September 28, 2023: Fitbit Google account selection doesn’t work

For some (or many) users the authorization with Fitbit may get stuck when you use a Google account for your Fitbit app. When you authorize Health Sync to access your Fitbit data, the Google account selection page seems to be frozen. We reported this to Fitbit, but they haven’t solved it yet. But there is a workaround available:

In the Google account selection screen where you can’t select your Google account, please click on three dots menu in the top right corner, and then click on the refresh button:

After you do this, you can select your Google account for Fitbit in the Google account selection screen.

This issue has been resolved with the latest Chrome app update on your phone.


August 12, 2023: Garmin sync issues

With the introduction of another way to sync the data from Garmin, something went wrong on August 10 and August 11. Our apologies for this issue. We fixed this issue (on our server, no other app update). The sync should work normally again. If still nothing is synced, please first try to reconnect Health Sync with your Garmin Connect account:

  • open the Health Sync app
  • select the ‘Connected apps’ menu
  • select ‘Garmin Authorization’
  • click on the Garmin Connect icon to reconnect

Then check if the sync starts working when you upload new data from your Garmin watch to Garmin Connect on your phone.

If the sync doesn’t start working please send a problem report: open the Help Center menu in Health Sync and select the last option: Report another problem.

For missing data on days in the past you can use the resync menu in Health Sync. You can’t resync data for the current day, but tomorrow you can do a resync for today.



If you have questions about the Health Sync service status, you can use the contact page on this site.