Health Sync Updates

Version (January 10, 2024)

The activity filter has been improved. We added hiking and treadmill activity types to the filter options, and made a distinction between walking, running and biking activities with and without gps data.

activity filter

You can use the activity filter menu to exclude activities from the sync based on activity type, distance and duration.

Version 7.6.2 (September 28, 2023)

  • You can now use Samsung Health when you use multiple sources for the step count sync configuration. When you use multiple step count sources, and Samsung Health is one of these sources, then only the Samsung watch steps will be synced. Historical data sync for step count data won’t work properly when Samsung Health is used as one of the step count sources.
  • Blood pressure data can be synced to Google Drive and Huawei Drive. Blood pressure data is synced to a csv file for each day, each week and each month. Sources that support the sync of blood pressure data to Google Drive and Huawei Drive are: Samsung Health, Google Fit, Huawei Health and MedM.
  • Garmin introduced for some of the Garmin watches a new ‘wheelchair mode’. Instead of step count data, wheelchair pushes are counted. A user requested to sync those wheelchair pushes as step count data to for example Google Fit. That’s now supported. Let’s hope that other fitness apps will follow the Garmin example and add wheelchair pushes as an alternative to step count data.
  • We know that the historical data sync to Strava works slowly. We have to be very careful with the sync to Strava, because Strava limits how many times Health Sync can upload data to Strava, for each 15 minute period and for each day. But we now increased the speed of the historical data sync to Strava with 100%: with each regular sync (at most once per 15 minutes) two days in the past will be synced instead of 1 day in the past.
  • A table tennis activity tracked with Huawei Health now syncs to Strava as a table tennis activity.
  • We fixed some minor issues.

Version (August 28, 2023)

Several minor bug fixes.

Version (Juli 28, 2023)

  • When syncing activity data to Google Drive, activity data with GPS data is now also synced as a KML file (you can use KML files with Google Maps and Google Earth).
  • Improved active time when syncing activity data from Garmin.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.